Remote video surveillance

Remote video surveillance consists of: video verification and video patrol

The remote video surveillance service provides technical security of the territory or premises. The service is provided with a technical solution consisting of a technical security and video surveillance system. Upon receipt of the alarm signal at the security Operational Control Center, the OVC employee shall immediately connect to the relevant video surveillance equipment or camera in order to find out the cause of the alarm signal.

After finding out the reasons for the alarm, if necessary, a mobile group is sent to the guarded object. The OVC employee provides informative instructions to the mobile team employees about the events at the site through video surveillance, with the aim of facilitating the capture and detention of the alleged offender. The Customer can be informed about alarm cases by making a call to the contact phone number specified by the Customer.

With the help of video surveillance, the USS Latvia Operational Control Center can follow what is happening at the facility around the clock and make an immediate decision on further actions in the event of a security threat.

The remote video patrol service provides security of the territory or premises, which includes periodic video surveillance of the guarded object according to a time schedule set by the customer, in order to prevent or reduce the risk of intrusion and possible losses to a minimum.

The Client can be immediately informed about possible risks by calling the contact telephone number indicated by the Client. If necessary, a mobile team is immediately sent to the guarded object to inspect the object.

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